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Why Pilates Will Change Your Life

3:19:00 PM
Aly's Pilates in La Jolla Will Change Your Life

Get In Shape. Heal Injuries. Balance Life.

They don't call it the lean machine for nothing! While googling pilates the night before my first session I found this:

"Pilates perfects your posture, whittles your midsection and tones your entire body." 

SCORE....but my immediate it too good to be true?? So I keep reading...trying to find the answers... why people do pilates? What should I wear to my pilates session? What should I expect at my first pilates session?

Valentine's Day Gift Smackdown!

8:45:00 AM

2017 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For HIM

We don't take Valentine's Day lightly around's one of our favorite holidays to shower each other with LOVE. I have grown an attachment to our Valentine's tradition: A two-way street as we take turns in spoiling one another February 1st-14th.
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