Brillilant Home Decor Trends

A new season is always a good reason to spruce up our living spaces. Say goodbye to summer with these fabulous fall home decor trends. Looking for a cozy, modern yet sophisticated space? Implementing these 3 trends will help you embrace the new season and give your home the perfect environment for fall.

Neon Signs

Daring decoration anyone?!? A bright neon sign to profess your favorite quote or mantra, custom and personalized is the way to go! From Elton John to Kourtney Kardashian neon signs are making their way into voguish celebrity homes as statement pieces. Brighten up any wall in your house this trend can be implemented in the bedroom, living room or bathroom.

The beauty about neon decor is the opportunity to personalize it to fit your style, look for something you find meaningful and let your light shine! Literally!

Those custom neon signs can get pricey...try the trend on a budget with a smaller piece. AAOS has creative neon signs for under $200. Or a small unconventional neon lamp. Urban Outfitters also offers an array of neon + novelty lights at an affordable price.

A few of my favorites:

And if neon doesn't turn you on then maybe our next trend will.

Navy Blue I Love You

Make a bold statement with navy blue. You don't have to settle for neutral colors when going for classic sophistication. Navy blue is a color that pairs well with others, rich in tone and adds drama like the color black. Is navy the new black?? Both timeless and striking, blue hues are extremely versatile to decorate your home. Several color schemes make it difficult to decide which is my favorite but I lean heavy on the navy blue and white combo.

Navy Blue + White

Navy Blue + Coral

Navy Blue + Blush

Navy Blue + Canary Yellow

Navy Blue + Neutrals

Totally own your home decor transformation by combining the Navy Blue trend with our next fall favorite, velvet!!! A navy blue velvet couch is my dream (that will be coming true very soon).

Velvet Vibes

Home accessories or furniture, velvet is a luxurious fabric that's sure to add some texture to your fall decor. Depending on your commitment level you can go big with a statement sofa or low key pillows and throws. Either way there is a myriad of velvet home decor options designed with luxe in mind.

Since velvet is a must have for fall I'll leave you with two tips. First, be sure and go with a color that speaks to you. Getting a velvet couch in just about any color is simple while its trending, you can make a bold impact with a dark green or go soft pink for the perfect touch of everyday glamour.

Second tip: keep it simple, less is more. If you are not sure about this trend its easy to implement through accessories, piles of soft velvety pillows spells cozy for fall.

Scroll down for my favorite velvet home decor.

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*source for images is Pinterest